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"Gordon had the audience in the palm of her hand"

- Oregon Music News

"When the band launches into the more rollicking numbers, hands start waving"

- Willamette Week.

"Add equal parts of Janis Joplin’s pain, Aretha Franklin’s soul and Grace Slick’s power; mix them thoroughly, and add a big gob of gooey molasses and you have Rae Gordon’s voice"

- Positively Entertainment and Dining

Rae Gordon brings together award winning and nominated musicians and is fronted by the 2015 Muddy Award Winner for Best Female Vocalist (Cascade Blues Association). She has played the big and little stages of northwest’s favorite clubs, dance floors and festivals helping to mold their signature sound that spans from a danceable get up and groove to a haunting slide tone that will make you want to find a back porch and sit a spell. Rae enjoys playing intimate venues where she can connect one on one with people in the audience to large festivals where she can connect with a whole community.

Her much awaited first CD release of original tunes, written with former bandmate Gaddis Cavenah called "Blue Lemonade" debuted in 2013 to a sold out venue and rave reviews. It highlighted Gordon’s extensive range and ability to move effortlessly from soul to blues infused gospel. In July of 2013, it hit the Billboard Charts for Blues at number 10 and held that spot for 2 weeks. The follow on CD in July 2015 Dirty Flowers, also written with Cavenah, is now getting airplay and was the 2015 Muddy Award

"They have struck pay dirt in bringing out the beauty of Rae’s vocal abilities" "Listening to the disc leaves no question on why she is a perennial nominee for female vocalist in the Cascade Blues Association’s Muddy Awards" "Blue Lemonade is a deeply accomplished work with superb original songwriting that stands up to the best releases of recent years anywhere" Greg Johnson, President of the Cascade Blues Association.

In summer of 2013, RGB opened for Lydia Pense and Cold Blood and was a band semi finalist two years in a row at the 2014 and 2015 International Blues Challenge in the renowned contest held every year on Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee.

2016 finds Rae Gordon steering her musical ship towards bigger waters with guitarist Big Monti for a bigger sound and a slide groove like no other. His name is Monti Amundson but most people call him Big Monti. Not just because of the man’s physical appearance, but also because of his talent and sheer presence. When Big Monti takes the stage, it’s clear that there’s more going on than the usual extended guitar solos - the man plays and sings larger than life.

He doesn’t so much as straddle the line between the genres as bend it, ignore it, or race back and forth across it until both sides go up in flames. The blues of Big Monti comes straight from the heart, cuts through your soul and is as real as it gets.

Rae Gordon performances are not only a show, but a celebration, as Gordon follows the policy that a stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet, and with friends like Big Monti, you know it's going to be a party!
















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